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5 Signs of Puppy Love

How do you show your love? We all have very different ways to show affection. We give our loved ones gifts, spend quality time with them, or simply say "I love you!".

 But what about our furry friends? How do we know they love us as much as we love them?

Just like the love languages of humans, our puppers have their very own love languages. They're not as obvious or direct, but they show love just the same. Here's a shortlist of five ways your puppy shows their love!


The most obvious way to show puppy love is a wagging tail. You can read a lot about your furry friend's feelings through their tail. If your pupper's tail is up over his back and stiff, you know they aren't here to make friends. But if your pupper's tail is wagging they are happy and excited!

So next time you're out and about, pay attention to your buddies' behind! If they're scared or ready to attack, you can help calm them. But if they're wagging like a helicopter, and maybe even wiggling their little butt, then you know they're head-over-heels in love!


Another way for your doggo to show their love is through nosing. You know when you come home from work, feeling tired and sore, but your dog comes running to the door and nudges your foot with their nose? That's called nosing, and it means "I love you!".

Dogs are very physical with their love, and can sometimes be clingy. A nose nudge can be their way to ask for your attention. But it can also mean your pupper wants you to move out of their way. If you get a nudge and puppy eyes combo, then oh boy, you're not leaving that couch without some pupper cuddles.


Ah yes. The very famous puppy dog eyes. When your furry friend looks at straight at you with those eyes, just know that you are deeply loved. Eye contact can be an intimate act for your puppy pal. It's not only a show of love and affection but also a show of trust.

Studies show that when your dog keeps eye contact with you, their brain releases more oxytocin - the same type of hormone that helps human mothers bond with their children. Though eye contact can mean an increase in your pupper's level of affection, this can't be said for other doggos. So try not to engage in eye contact with any unfamiliar dogs.


Dogs can have a variety of facial expressions. We've all seen one or two memes around the Internet with doggos smiling, laughing, or just generally making silly faces. Just like us humans, when our furry friends are happy and content, they show it on their faces.

What you should want to see from your pupper is an open, relaxed mouth. A happy doggo should have their mouth open wide towards you in a big smile. As panting can be a sign of stress, when your furry friend is happy, they shouldn't be panting excessively.


Some dogs use their whole body to say "I love you". Our furry friends can be jumpy, trying to get closer to our faces. Dogs are drawn to our human faces, and jumping can be a way for them to show affection.  Of course, not all dog lovers want to be jumped on, so this may be a behavior you don't want to encourage.

Another way our doggos show affection is through leaning. Though not as obvious as the other signs, leaning is almost like a hug from your furry friend. When your dog leans their full weight on you, they can be saying that they trust you, want something from you, or need comfort from your presence.

It can only take one bad human for a dog to feel bitter and unloved. So keep an eye out for your furry friend's love languages, and make sure you show them as much love as they show you. Treat them as if they're family, keeping them happy and healthy for as long as you can.


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Your furry friend shows love differently, but now you know what to look out for. As long as you love your dog and treat them well, they will definitely love you back. Now go out there and show them your puppy love!


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