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7 Flavors to Avoid on Your Homemade Dog Food Recipe

A dog's diet is critical to your pet's health. There are certain factors to consider to provide for their nutritional needs. You need to feed them with a balanced meal if you want to keep them healthy and strong.

The First Step to Your Dog’s Health

Dogs need 40 essential nutrients to stay healthy. Each nutrient works a specific function in the body. Fido could get sick if he does not get the right amount of these vitamins and minerals.

How do you make sure your pup gets the right nutrition? First of all, you need to get Fido to see his doctor. Your vet will need to do a health checkup to recommend you the right diet for your pooch.

Things to Avoid on Your Homemade Dog Food Recipe

When you have your doctor's recommendations, it is time to decide how to feed your pup. Are commercial pet foods healthy? Or should you cook homemade meals for Fido?

If you wish to make homemade meals for Fido, make sure to skip out the following ingredients in your recipe. They may bring harm to your little bowwow.


Every pet owner knows that dogs cannot have chocolates. This sweet treat contains theobromine. It is a chemical compound found in the cacao plant. While this chemical helps blood circulation in humans, it can be quite toxic to your pooch.

This fruit may be the most nutritious and delicious snack but it is not always the case for dogs. Its high-fat content can lead to obesity and certain diseases if Fido eats too much of the fruit. It also contains a certain element called Persin which can be poisonous to dogs.

This one is a definite no-no on your homemade dog food recipe. Health experts warn that grapes and raisins are highly toxic to dogs. It can bring them fatal damages. You must keep Fido away from this tasty treat.

Although eggs can make a healthy and nutritious snack for dogs, it is harmful to feed them raw. It contains salmonella which can be harmful to your pup. Pet doctors recommend boiling the egg before feeding them to your dog.

This is what makes cooking homemade dog food difficult. You cannot put too much of your favorite spice into the recipe. While humans can enjoy the savory taste of onion and garlic on a dish, pets may die of them.

Be on your guard when baking in the kitchen. If you like to put yeast on your bread, keep the dough away from Fido. It can give him an upset stomach.

Some dogs are lactose-intolerant. Others can be allergic to the proteins in milk. Dairy products can give them an upset stomach or diarrhea. Be careful when using these ingredients on your homemade dog food recipe.
The list here is not exhaustive. There could still be other products that are harmful to your dog. These items are only those ingredients that you might want to use when preparing homemade meals for your dog. With the recent health crisis keeping stuck in our homes, it might be helpful to learn to make your own homemade dog food recipes.


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