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5 Reasons Why Fido Stops Eating: Dog Anorexia

Does your dog have an eating disorder? Don't fret!

Some dogs can be just picky with their meals. You might only need to give them different kinds of food to figure out what they like. Those furballs can last two days of not eating without starving.

That may not be the case with some dogs, however. Certain situations may cause Fido to lose his appetite. It may not be right to judge him picky right away. Who knows? Your poor, little pooch may even have anorexia. You need to determine the root cause of the problem.

Here are some situations that may cause your dog to lose its appetite:

  • Illness - Just like humans, dogs also lose their appetite for food when they are sick. You may need to bring them to the vet when this happens.
  • Dental Disease - You might also want to check those fangs. It might just be a loose tooth that's keeping them from enjoying their meal.
  • Vaccination - Keep in mind when Fido gets his shot. Those vaccines will eventually make him temporarily lose his appetite.
  • Unfamiliar Territory - Unlike humans, dogs may not be able to adapt to new surroundings right away. They may feel uncomfortable eating in a new place.
  • Motion Sickness - You know how that feels. Even people lose their appetite when they get motion sickness. Dogs too! When Fido refuses to eat while you're on a trip, he may have motion sickness.

Consider these situations when your floof starts showing signs of anorexia. Only after eliminating all these possibilities can you say that Fido's eating problem is a behavioral issue. In that case, you need to get creative and figure out ways to make him enjoy his meal.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Avoid giving them too many treats. - Dogs are just like little children. Spoil them with too many treats and, they would no longer enjoy the full meal.
  • Fix a regular feeding schedule. - Dogs must be feed at least twice a day. It helps train Fido and Fluffy to remember their mealtime.
  • Make mealtime fun. - Dogs love to play. If you can make their mealtime as fun as playtime, then those doggos will enjoy their meal.
  • Make them hungry. - No, I don't mean that you starve them to death. Just make them consume all their stored energy so that their bodies will have room for more.
  • Find the right place. - As mentioned, dogs can be quite territorial. They wouldn't feel comfortable eating in a new location. Make sure your doggie feels comfortable when he eats his meal.
  • Try different kinds of food. - I said this in the beginning. Some dogs can be picky. Let them taste different types of food and figure out which one they like best.

Dog anorexia is not the same as anorexia nervosa in humans. The term may come from that concept because scientists have been using animals to study the development of human diseases. They only call it anorexia because the pup completely loses its appetite for food. Anorexia nervosa has something to do with the fear of gaining weight. I don't think dogs even care about how heavy they are.