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How to Keep You and Your Dog Entertained during Quarantine

With the COVID-19 pandemic keeping us in our homes, it's hard to find ways to not only keep ourselves - but also our pets - entertained.  Though your pet may enjoy having you home all day - it won't take long for their attention to wane.

So, how can you keep your dog entertained? Here are a few games to help you out!


Play some simple nose games with your puppy pals. These types of games are one of the easiest ways to tire them out since it keeps them both mentally and physically active. 

Start off with a "sniff and search" game. Grab a handful of dog treats, scatter them around your house, and encourage your dog to sniff them out. 

You can even make it more challenging by hiding the treats under rugs or couches, so you can have a lil' workout for yourself too.


Time to bring back a classic, old-school game. Contrary to popular belief, playing tug-of-war with your dog won’t make them aggressive. It actually just gives your doggo a boost of confidence and makes them more obedient.

All you gotta have on-hand is some tough rope, and a pawesome puppy willing to play. Letting your dog win a few times will make it more fun for them, encouraging them to play with you more.

This is a great way to exercise your dog. Just be careful, and don't forget to set boundaries for your pup. The moment their teeth touch your hand, the game is over.


Got a long hallway in your house? Then prepare to play some hall ball. It's a lot like fetch, but without the throwing!

Take a ball - an old tennis ball, or even just a stress ball - and just roll it down the hall. Your pupper will definitely scamper after it, bringing it back to you with their tail waggin' away.

The slow pace keeps your puppy from tearing through the house. Don't forget to keep your breakables out of the way, just in case your pupper slips and slides.


Now that you're stuck at home, you've got time to do forgotten chores. Tackle that pile of dirty laundry, clean up the dishes in the sink, or vacuum the floors.

Your pupper might not be a big fan of the vacuum, but maybe you can teach 'em to help with other chores. You're both gonna be stuck together, might as well get some work done.

Teach your dog to carry laundry to you, or stand by to help put folded laundry away. You can even teach them a few tricks while they're helping out.

Regardless of what you do with them, your furry friends will always love having you around. They might be a bit restless for a bit - they're not used to having you home all the time - but they'll settle after a while.

Keep yourself entertained, but don't forget to keep yourself safe. Remember to stock up on supplies, and stay safe at home. Take care of your furry friends by taking care of yourself. 


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