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Missing Genes Make Dogs So Friendly

Did you know that dogs have almost the same genes as humans? Science has discovered this fact. When dogs live with human beings, they inherit the characteristics of their human owners. It is the reason they are so friendly.

The Taming of the Big Bad Wolf

Everybody knows that wolves are dogs' ancestors. That is why these hounds howl like them. But, after having lived with humans, they changed behavior. They still growl but, their barks are no longer as vicious as wild wolves. They have indeed become man's best friend. 

Housing these canines turned the big, bad wolf into a friendly puppy. The change in their habitat altered the genes of these wild woofers. It's the pet owner's fault. They treat those puppies like babies so that they started to act like one. They learned to wag their tails, rollover, and even play dead if only to get a piece of that tasty treat in your hand. 

Those Missing Genes

Here's another striking discovery.

Those genes that are found missing in the dog's DNA are the same genes that cause Williams syndrome among humans. It is a rare developmental disorder that makes people extremely friendly and quite vulnerable to strangers. Persons with this condition have learning difficulties in solving puzzles. They can also develop ADHD as they tend to have outgoing and engaging personalities.

In studying Williams syndrome, scientists discovered that certain parts of the human DNA were missing. Without these chromosomes, the person develops cognitive disabilities. The same set of chromosomes was also found missing in the dog's DNA. The researchers suspect that this kind of genetic alteration helped turn those canines into friendly pets. Such irregularities in the dog's genetic structure bring about similar behavioral issues in the animal.

A Reason to Love Fido

Isn't it delightful to know that you share the same DNA with your pup? Well, not really. It may even sound icky to some people. But if you love those doggos, then you'd be happy to find this scientific connection with your pet. You'll never find it hard to teach your old dog new tricks.

When pets give you their snoot, it shows that they trust you. So, the next time those lovely furballs give you a boop, don't shove them away. Show some love and give it a quick pat or cuddle it. The mongrel is just seeking your attention. Dogs often get the zoomies around people. They are indeed pretty friendly creatures.