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3 Practical Ways to Help Animals in Need

What can be more heartbreaking than a poor little kitten drenched in the pouring rain? Or a little robin falling from the sky with a broken wing, lying helpless on the ground. How about an old woofer limping to the corner of the street?

Animals in Need of Homes

It is not surprising to see animals in need. Animal cruelty is still widespread in some parts of the world. In the United States, there are as many homeless cats as there are human beings. Millions of cats, dogs, and bunnies in animal shelters are looking for homes.

While Fido has been a faithful companion to some people in the quarantine days, pet owners may have felt the need to let go of their little darlings because of a dire need. The recent coronavirus outbreak has caused people to lose their jobs.

Raising pets may have become financially draining for some pet owners because of the pandemic. They have to make a difficult choice of either sending those precious jewels away or starving to death. This has increased the number of abandoned pets in the United States.


Smart Suggestions From Two Teenagers

Poor, little creatures! How do you help these animals in need in these financially unstable times? Two 12-year-old girls from the United States shared some smart suggestions. See it here and let it inspire you to become like these good young Samaritans.


Bake Sale For-A-Cause

If you love baking, then you can help these animals in need by whipping up your favorite treats and start a bake sale. It could also be a good bonding activity with your kids. Just remember to put on your face mask and keep the necessary distance to prevent the spreading of the virus.

Volunteer At The Shelter

This could be a great learning experience for your adolescent kids. With quarantine measures still in place and campuses are still closed, these teenagers will only bury themselves in the noise of social media. Try sending your teenagers to volunteer at your local animal shelter.

Become A Foster For Animals

If raising money for animals in need is noble, then fostering them is divine. Make sure you have enough resources before you decide to take care of these poor little creatures. As most of these animals are still recuperating from an illness or wound, their needs may be quite costly.


Taking A Step Further

When you foster an animal, you only get to keep them while they are recovering from their illness. The animal returns to the shelter when it is healed. You may decide to adopt it as your pet if you want to. That would be the best thing you can do to help those animals in need.