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What to Do with Dog Doodie

Having a furry friend isn't all fun and games. It's a dog owner's responsibility to clean up after their dogs, even if it means cleaning up after they go number two.

But what do we really know about their doggy doo-doo?


On average, your dog can let out about three-fourths of a pound of waste per day. If you leave it unattended on your yard, that piles up to 274 pounds of waste per year! Talk about a puppy pooper, huh?

Don't let your furry friend make a mess in your yard. After they've done their duty, scoop that poop right away. Don't let it pile up and only clean it when you smell it. You'll save yourself the trouble of having your neighbors complain about the smell.


Not all poop makes good plant food. Due to the mostly carnivorous nature of dogs, their waste - at its raw form - can actually be quite toxic to plants. In order to be effective fertilizers, their doggy dump has to be properly composted. 

But don't just throw it in your usual compost pit! Place it in its own separate receptacle, let it compost with other materials such as eggshells and grass clippings. Allowing it to break over time neutralizes the enzymes in the puppy poop, and then it can be used as fertilizer for your non-edible plants.


Whether you're strolling down the neighborhood for a walk, or taking a trip down to the park for some playtime, always remember to pick up after your furry friend. Their doggy dump not only smells awful, but carries with it bacteria and diseases.

It's not only common courtesy to clean up after your dog. Make it a habit to carry a biodegradable doggy bag with you, so you can easily clean up after your dog does their duty. Not only are you being a responsible pet owner, you are also doing your part to keep the environment clean. 


The thought of flushing dog poop sounds ridiculous, but it still remains the most ecological way of getting rid of dog poop. Although doggy bags are easy and convenient, they all still end up at the landfill. It could take years - decades even - before any of that decomposes properly.

So if you can, try to flush your doggy's dump. Instead of using doggy bags, you can clean it up with a small dustpan and flush it when you reach the bathroom. It adds an extra step in your cleaning process, but it helps the environment in the long run. However, never flush doggy bags or you'll clog your pipes.

As a dog lover and owner, your pupper’s business is your business. That’s why we at Ready Pet Go! are always happy to help you with your doggo’s digestion. With our Ready Pet Go! Probiotic Tummy Treats, you can give your best friend the daily digestive and immune support they need for an active, healthy life.

That's about all you need to know about doggy doo-doo. As a dog lover and owner, you should do your part to keep the environment clean, so you and your furry friend can enjoy it for years to come.

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