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Why Pet Supplements Are Necessary

Why Pet Supplements Are Necessary

If you're thinking of giving your precious cat or beloved dog a supplement, this blog is for you. So read on!

As a pet parent, we naturally focus on doing the best we can to give our furbabies what they need to live long, healthy, and happy lives. That’s how we take care of family, right? Nothing less than the best will do! With loads of attention being paid to the quality of food we feed our furry babies, do we really need to do anything more? Do our pets need supplements?

Today, we’ll shed some light on whether pet supplements are necessary, what makes them beneficial, and even which ones we should try. Are you ready? Let’s get started! Is food enough? Ideally, regular pet food should be providing all the nutrients our furbabies need. But we all know that’s not really true all the time. The truth is, not all pet foods are created equal. Some pet foods may contain insufficient nutrients and artificial flavors that don’t really do them any good.
This is where pet supplements come in. While we do try to give them proper nutrition with regular pet food, we do sometimes need a little extra help making sure they get all the nutrients they need to live long, happy lives.

Health supplements can be tremendously beneficial to our pawsome friends’ general health and wellness. These are also necessary to help manage common issues brought about by aging or other health challenges. Multivitamins, for instance, are absolutely essential. Other supplements your pets can benefit most
from include those that support coat and skin health, along with healthy joints, liver, kidney, and GI tract. There are other—less popular—but equally beneficial supplements such as those that promote healthy circulation and strong immune function.

For joint health

Every pet parent wants their babies to stay strong and active, or—in their advanced years—at least be able to move comfortably. Chondroitin and Glucosamine are specifically given together for strong joints and to protect against the development of arthritis. Together, they help improve joint
lubrication and assists in repairing damaged cartilage to help keep your furry baby active and comfortably mobile.

For the skin and coat

Does your pet have dry or flaky skin or a brittle, dull-looking coat? Fish oil is the way to go. It helps soften your pet’s skin, and keeps his or her coat smooth and shiny. While easily available, commercially processed foods that contain a mix of low-cost grain and corn–based content, vegetable oils, and fats from pork or chicken provide an abundance of omega-6s, these don’t offer enough omega-3s.
To help keep our furry friends’ skin and coat healthy (and huggable!) we need to get them some omega-3s, as well. Omega-3 supplements provide essential fatty acids derived from marine oils, such as krill or fish oil.

For a healthy GI (gastrointestinal tract) and strong immune system

Our pets’ gut health is important, too! Digestive enzymes and probiotics foster healthy digestion and maintain high levels of good bacteria to help protect our babies against pathogenic bacteria. This also keeps their immune system in great working order, substantially decreasing risk of disease. There are a host of other supplements you can consider for your furry friend, but we always recommend discussing with your veterinarian to determine not only what would work best for your paw pal, but also which specific nutritional supplements would be most appropriate and effective for your pet. Remember, there is no magic formula for keeping your pets hale and hearty. But supplements can play an important role in maintaining your pawsome friends’ general health and wellness—even in their advanced age.

So, again the question: does your pet need supplements? Most definitely!
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